FAQs About Our Office During COVID-19

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1) Are you still open?

Yes, we are still open!

The legal profession is considered an essential service however we remain committed to doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, we have elected to keep our physical office closed to the public, and staffed with critical personnel only. The majority of our lawyers and other firm members are working remotely and remain fully accessible and continue to serve our clients. We remain in regular communication within our office and with clients as the circumstances continue to evolve.


2) What are your office hours?

Our office hours are currently 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, however, physical access to our office is restricted to ensure social distancing protocols are followed.


3) How do I make an appointment?

You can still call or email us to make an appointment, and in order to maintain our social distancing policy we are currently facilitating telephone appointments. Send us an email or give us a call to book an appointment with one of our legal professionals!

Phone: (306) 653-2838

Email: ​reception@scharfsteinlaw.comCautionary note: If you are not presently a client of Scharfstein Gibbings Walen Fisher LLP, any information you communicate in your email is not protected by lawyer/client confidentiality, nor is a lawyer/client relationship established by our receipt of this email. Before we can discuss your matter, we must ensure that we do not have a conflict of interest. Please do not send us any confidential information in your e-mail.


4) Can I still reach my lawyer and the support staff at SGWF?

All of our employees continue to be readily available to answer your questions and/or concerns during these turbulent times. ALthough we are not currently conducting in-office meetings, we are available for telephone appointments, conferences and have access to electronic mail.


5) Will my file be worked on during the pandemic?

Yes. Our lawyers and staff continue to work on all matters for our clients. While staff and clients may need to be flexible in how matters are dealt with during this time, we continue to work diligently to ensure our clients receive the best possible representation.


6) If I had a court date, what happens now?

As of March 19, 2020 the Court of Queens Bench suspended its regular operations. All Trials, Pre-Trials and Chambers Applications scheduled up to and including May 31, 2020 have been adjourned and will need to be rescheduled. We are awaiting direction as to the procedure the court will put in place to reschedule trials and pre-trials.

We will work with our clients to ensure their matters are rescheduled once the courts begin scheduling dates once again.

If you had a court date with respect to a family law matter, the following Chambers applications have been rescheduled:

  • All applications scheduled to proceed during the month of March 2020 are adjourned to June 10, 2020;
  • All applications scheduled to proceed during the month of April 2020 are adjourned to June 17, 2020;
  • All applications scheduled to proceed between May 1, 2020 and June 19, 2020, inclusive, are adjourned to June 24, 2020

The Court will continue to hear urgent matters where immediate and significant repercussions may result if there is no judicial hearing. Please contact one of our lawyers to discuss the likelihood of your application being deemed urgent.


7) Are SGWF staff and lawyers still travelling?

We have restricted all non-essential business travel and have imposed a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine if any member of our staff has travelled outside of Saskatchewan, attended an international airport, or has been in direct contact with anyone that has travelled outside of Saskatchewan or attended an international airport.


8) What if I need to sign real estate documents in person?

On the advice of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, our firm is implementing the “drive up witnessing” process. Here is a link to this procedure.